• CultivaidUS

    We're a non-profit working towards changing consumer behavior to minimize fresh produce waste.

    Tackling food waste is fighting climate change, one fresh produce donor at a time. You can help us get there!


    CultivaidUS is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that collects surplus local fresh produce from homeowners' backyards, farms, and produce distribution sites and donates to charitable organizations for people in need, all organized through an app!


    This registered charity was founded by Akshaya Venkatesh. It all stemmed from her school science project in 2018 that grew into a non-profit within a few years. According to the United Nations, wasted food is not only a social or humanitarian concern; it's an environmental one. When we waste food, we also waste all the resources and water we use to grow, harvest, transport, package, and distribute it.


    We won't wait. We are going to lead by example for others to do the same. Climate change is real and we can do something about it: committing to minimize food waste by changing consumer behavior to give away their surplus produce from their very own backyards and farms to the people who could consume it by not going hungry.


    Every donation made prevents a family from going hungry and also reduces carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions by not letting the surplus produce from getting dumped at the landfill.


    Here's how all of us can help mitigate climate change by not wasting food resources:

    (1) Give away your surplus

    fresh produce

    (2) Schedule & Arrange


    (3) Donate your excess produce not to end up in landfills

  • Help Cultivaid to achieve what we are fighting for.

    Let's chart the path forward for a green, low-carbon future for future generations.​ 

    Generous donations help us with our pickups & distribution logistics fees, driving to the produce sites, fuel costs, website & app maintenance, harvest equipments (fruit pickers, garden shears, garden gloves), produce delivery cartons, disposable gloves, compost bags, anti-bacterial sprays, masks and drinking water for volunteers.