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    20 under 20 list featured on Diversity in Action's 2023

    Featured as 20 under 20 on Diversity In Action 2023 - July Summer Issue

    "Diversity in Action (DIA), the leading international publication promoting diversity in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math), spotlighted on its summer issue on the next generation with a centerpiece "20 Under 20" list of young people - all on their way to make the world a better place through their accomplishments in STEM." - Diversity in Action Press Release 2023

    Rising Star of the Year 2022 Award

    Rising Star of the Year Global 2022 Award from WomenTech - Dec 2022

    "Akshaya Venkatesh won the Rising Star in STEM of the year award as a junior achievement in recognition of her outstanding achievements in STEM and demonstrating excellence in all aspects of community engagement and leadership." - WomenTech Network

    ⭐ WomenTech Community Award (Global TOP 10)

    WomenTech Community Award Finalist in receiving the Global Top 10 Recognition

    "Akshaya Venkatesh chosen as one of the Global Top 10 finalists for the 2022 WomenTech Network Community Award through public voting and social engagement - one of the most highly contested awards in the tech industry" - Anna Radulovski, WomenTech CEO

    Rising Star of the Year Nomination by WomenTech

    Rising Star of the Year Nomination by WomenTech Network for Global Awards: Oct 2022

    "Akshaya Venkatesh, an undergrad college student and founder of CultivaidUS have been nominated for the Women in Tech Global Awards 2022" - Anna Radulovski, Founder at WomenTech Network.

    GreenBiz 2022 Conference

    GreenBiz 22 Special Guest Invitee: Feb 2022

    "Joel Makower, Chairman & Co-founder of GreenBiz Group invited Akshaya Venkatesh as his guest in encouraging budding emerging leaders in the sustainability business for the GreenBiz '22 conference." - GreenBiz Group

    Combating Food Surplus - Arizona PBS Cronkite News

    Combating Food Surplus - Newscast on AZ PBS aired on Nov 24, 2021

    "We profiled a high school senior who started her own food charity, collecting produce from farms and home gardens on weekends and delivering it to food banks for distribution." - Cronkite News Arizona PBS

    Journey of the Changemaker

    Young Female Entrepreneur and Climate Activist - Journey of the Changemaker

    "Akshaya is a 17-year old high school student in Arizona, USA. She has always had a strong passion for melding her interests in entrepreneurship and innovation with sustainability. In her free time, Akshaya enjoys running her 501 (c) (3) non-profit, Cultivaid, participates in classical Indian Bharatnatyam, and loves spending time with family." - Youth Stem 2030

    Science News by Sid Perkins

    Teen developed a solution to aid the hungry

    "Akshaya Venkatesh from Scottsdale, Ariz., wants to help the hungry. This teen had been volunteering to help the hungry. She collects fruit from neighbors’ trees, for instance, and then carries it to charities that feed the needy." - Sid Perkins, Science News for Students

    Minor Planet named after Venkatesh

    Minor Planet name Recognition awarded by MIT Lincoln Labs

    A minor planet has been named in Akshaya Venkatesh's name by the MIT Lincoln Laboratory in recognition of her project work done in the field of science/innovation and that work got her the recognition of becoming a Broadcom MASTERS National Finalist in 2018-19 - MIT Lincoln Labs

    Best Team Award

    Broadcom MASTERS - Best Team Award

    "Each member of the team that best demonstrates their ability to work together and solve problems through shared decision making, communication and scientific and engineering collaboration will receive an iPod Touch." - Broadcom Foundation

    Broadcom MASTERS 2018 finalists

    Broadcom MASTERS Finalists - In front of the US Capitol, Washington D.C.

    "30 middle school students were announced as Broadcom MASTERS finalists in September 2018 and were invited to travel to Washington, DC in October where they participated in a rigorous competition that leverages Project-based Learning to test and demonstrate their mastery of 21st Century skills of critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration in each of the STEM areas." - The Broadcom Foundation & Society for Science

    Middle school project goes National - KTAR News

    Middle School science project recognized at the national level in Washington, D.C.

    "Akshaya was the only Arizona finalist in 2018 for Broadcom MASTERS science fair that developed an app, a pocket-sized solution that lets a person who has too much food – from a garden or pantry or wherever – can enter what they have and where they are. Food organizations can then search the app to find what they need." - KTAR News 92.3 FM

    One of our own - Borderlands

    Education Corner: Akshaya Venkatesh, One of our Own - Oct 2018

    "Akshaya Venkatesh, a 14 years old STEM student and also a volunteer of Borderlands Produce Rescue who developed an app to rescue locally harvested produce from residents’ backyards also in the process of developing an app for our Produce On Wheels With – Out Waste (P.O.W.W.O.W.) program" - Borderlands Produce Rescue

    Broadcom Finalists in The Eisenhower room, White House

    The White House Office of Science and Technology (OSTP) News - Oct 2018

    "Congratulations to this year's Broadcom STEM MASTERS finalists! White House OSTP had a wonderful time with Ivanka Trump hosting the bright and inspiring students at the White House on Oct 24, 2018. These young students' hard work will help drive the future of American discovery, research, and innovation!" - White House OSTP